About JBialsky


JBialsky Premiere Design and Development is one of the Hamptons most sought after developers. Jay Bialsky says the three most important factors in a successful Hamptons Real Estate venture are “location, location, location.” “I buy great property, and great property leads to great design,” Jay explains. With a keen eye for a parcel’s maximum potential, he is responsible for some of the most magnificent homes and developments on the East End, many of which have unparalleled views and have been built for some of the Hamptons’ most discerning clientele.


Jay’s exacting standards keep his homes in constant demand, “I don’t buy any property or build any home I wouldn’t want to live in myself,” he says. “Average is not my personality.” Jay’s properties are increasingly sought after by discerning buyers, as each is unique, personally guided by Jay from design to completion. Jay’s sophisticated offerings rarely make it to the public market completed, usually being bought before construction is completed. 

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